Know Yourself

What I have really enjoyed about this summer, was the chance to hear several life stories and they all have one advice that seemed to flow uninterrupted from one conversation to the next and it was – Know Yourself.

It looks a fairly banal point, but it remains one of the most important ones. When you are at school, your world view changes very rapidly and hence it’s important to understand your core values which have remained constant through the time, which define you and make you -YOU!

As a lot of my new friends have pointed out during the internship, I am obsessed with using technology for life-improvement projects – Be it productivity hacks like Sunrise (For calenderizing your present, past and future hours), Evernote (For Meeting Notes, Journals, Draft Blogs etc) and G Tasks or learning from productivity gurus like Justin Rosentien on Quora. So, after spending an hour of introspection time and asking myself the usual questions  – “people who have inspired me”, “events that have defined me” and “ideas that I brought to life” – I decided to explore one particular question that was raised during one such seminar – “What are some of the tools that can be used to know ourselves better?”.

From my experience and from the experience of people like me, I have found these tools to be super good places as a starting points.

  1. MBTI:
  2. Enneagram : –
  3. Colors:

Having said that, I must also give a disclaimer, as there is a strong lobby for those who champion that these tests are good-for-nothings. They work in the same way as making decisions on the basis of the flip of a coin –  your heart dosen’t need to know the actual outcome – it knows your truest desire when the coin is mid-air and you are rooting for the side which your heart truly wants. So, when the result from these tools come out and you prowl the personality trait of ENTJ’s or ISFJ’s – look at those attributes to ask your heart and mind to tell you – “This is me” and “this is so not”.

I wouldn’t recommend making career decisions based on these tools but they can be a lot of fun, and if nothing else then, they make for amazing lunch hour conversations. Do let me know what your thoughts are on these tools and what are your results! Have a good weekend.


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