Culinary Achievement in NYC

Today is a big day for me – I won the title of ” Global Domination” in yelp. I had given myself 5 continent challenge – My vegetarian-ism had always come in the way of exploring new cuisines. But, this summer I was in NY and the world was my — (in the lack of a better phrase) — my oyster. So, I began methodically and systematically – by first buying a fitbit to burn the extra calories that were gonna go in and second by carefully curating the list of best restaurants from every continent that I wanted to try. With Chinatowns, Little Brazils – Eating and Walking is one of the best way to explore neighborhoods in NYC. Here’s my list of favorite restaurants in NYC from each continent and hope you try them too

  1. Europe: For me, crepes represent the best of what Europe has to offer and having tried them at Crepes and Delices, Artopolis and finally at Eight Turn Crepe – I am happy to announce that Crepes and Delices Coffee and Crepe combo wins by a huge margin. A) The Location is perfect with it being near to Central Park – nothing is more awesome after a hike than an awesome coffee with crepe – B) The shop itself is quite cute with the red splurged all over the shop C) The French Coffee – It’s out of this world!
  2. Asia: I have always wanted to try amazing Korean food, my friends had raved out the magic of “Kimchi” and I always assumed it was some sort of a fish – Glad that I had cleared that out and tried the Kimchi rice at Woojrijp in K-Town. For brevity, I will cover the topic of Indian food in NYC in a separate blog-post. For vegetarians missing hot food in the area, Woojrip’s hot section offers so many options. Kimchi rice is amazing! One more place you cannot go wrong is Xi’an Famous Foods– Mount Qi’s soup or normal hand pulled noodles- But try their hot noodles if you are ever in midtown. If you are in a mood to try a dish that will blow your socks off- Head straight to Brooklyn – and go try the truffle mushroom spring roll in Lumpia shack. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. African: I felt so at home trying the Ethiopian food at Awash, it’s a perfect communal meal, is adequately spicy and looks so healthy. I could eat it over and over again. Also, if you are bent on doing Ethiopian right, head over to Bunna Cafe in Brooklyn – There red lentils is absolutely amazing. Bunna is cheaper and more authentic and Awash is slightly on the $$ side, instead of the $ side, which is my preference. So the way to do it is to go with a group of 4 and try it out for once.

4.American: Hate to lump the rich culinary delights of the 2 large continents in America in one – But, it’s legit given I have a hard time still finding vegetarian options in both the continents. So, I limited my search to finding an amazing taco place – which hits all the right spice levels. So far Otto’s Taco’s  have come so close to being perfect despite Chipotle ruining my spree to go far and wide on my burrito bowl craving.

5. Middle-Eastern: Is it non-PC to say, Middle East is a beast of it’s own? Well, I didn’t have a choice, given I had missed Australia in my list of continents to eat the food from, so this became the 5th replacement. And being a less than avid fan of falafels, I wanted to give them one more try before I write myself off as a hater of falafels. Staying near Dearborn, Michigan for one year did not do what one trip to Taaim did. OMG the green hummus – IT IS GODSENT! Please, try it and don’t fall for the spicy hummus – Always go with the green one. I found Manousheh really good for vegetarians but really found Halal guys not worth the hype. And tip at Halal guys, listen to them when they say red sauce is really spicy.

But, the search for the perfect “guac” continues!


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