Portimonio Hoy

It takes sheer willpower to go to a conference after having a back to back day. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can already see that, Being inundated by emails and being spoilt for choice on which event to attend, is something I’m gonna miss terribly once this school finishes. The number of business plans, that cross my mind on a daily basis, have tempered over years. But, the idea of using base of the pyramid strategies to build affordable housing solutions, has excited me for over several months now. I went to attend a talk by Mr Schoultz from Cemex talking about one of their award Winning program – Portimonio Hoy

Some of the insights from the model:

1. Vertical integration of supply chain to enable raw material cost savings of 66% (1/3rd of previous cost)
2. Affordable Cheap Technological Help to create time savings by 300% by building 3 times as fast
3. Project Specific Credit Ratings to enable easier access of funding. Also, resulting in 99% repayment rate
4. Using domain knowledge for navigating and accessing government schemes and using it to upgrade the services (such as roads, drains) of the area

Some of the personal insights

1. Studying Base of the pyramid as a valuable tool for affordable housing
2. Analyzing more interesting case studies especially from UN Habitat best business award
3. Analyze all stakeholders for a BOP project : Cement, despite occupying 18% of the costs of the building is not one of the obvious stakeholders that comes to mind when you are analyzing the challenges in affordable housing. This, example highlights the need to make the list of stakeholders  as exhaustive as possible.


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