Leaving for Ann Arbor..


Wish I had this cool bag!

After a restful summer, I was quite excited to step into the hustle of a grad school. With Ford School celebrating it’s 100 years this fall – Ann Arbor seems like the right place to be. What really attracted me to the program was the fact that it seemed to provide a lot of flexibility to take courses from other schools from University of Michigan and really encouraged to shape the program as per your unique goals. My motivation is to be able to understand how to create functional cities in a rapidly growing economies such as India. My work in the constituency of Kukatpally had spoken to me about how the hardships of the urban sprawl especially affect the poor. I had several unanswered questions.

How could existing slums be regularized without promoting lawlessness, how to fund for slum redevelopment, how to identify the right beneficiaries from the wrong ones?

And it’s trying to figure out the answer to these seemingly enormous questions which would affect the lives of millions back home is what brings me to Ford School. While, it remains to be seen, if I would be able to study these exact topics, but I do hope I am able to learn tools which allow me to navigate not just these questions, but the challenges of tommorow, which are yet to cross my path.

This move also implied the end with an amazing orgaization – Swaniti. I got to meet my heroes, create new ones, traveled from Hyderabad to Kolkatta and got to know India a bit better. I am glad I had a chance to work in this sector, before studying it formally. The nomadic life of a consultant ends, and the exciting life of a grad school begins. Excited to see the Ford school upclose! The countdown begins.


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