Heavenly Himachal


The water splattered on sun tinted window.

You are in for more, the time has just begun.

The breeze I missed, the chill I despised.

Reminded me of a familiarity I had left behind.



Wandering isn’t being lost,

Seek familiarity in unanticipated hugs, peaceful eyes.

Go get lost, to find it’s soul.



The white foam beckons devilishly

Match my force, it endearingly mocks.

The new found courage will muster itself.

The mud, the rock the dirt,all turned the same

Dance across my chest, fill my music in your heart.



The gleaming torches of the night,

ubiquitous by their absence.

The master puppeteer in it’s tent higher up,

Mingling with the puppets so far down

There where they can hear nothing but the quiet land, water and sky

Photo credit: Uday Mittal


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