I Traveled for Food (Part 2)

Let me begin by saying how awesome was it to run in the rains a few hours ago!

Well, continuing from last time – the weather was the complete opposite to this pleasant mild rainy weather when we landed in Chennai.

On the top of that haggling with Autowallahs there – Mumbai had spoilt me by instilling that any penny above metre is a you paying extra for his lethargy. The extremes of the country – Delhi and Chennai (Let’s call Delhi extreme for the sake of this argument) are so identical in the behavior of autowallahs. In some ways it reeks of the ethos of the city – Entitlement rather than hard work.

But, leaving all that behind , travelling with the hot loo we reached the much heard of ” Escape cinemas” -The theater for the Kings. It was every bit like I had imagined minus the crowd. To experience the theater magic, I never even bothered to check the rating of the movie. This movie agnostic attitude of mine was exactly what the vision of that cinema house was, I was told . Big, Lavish, Ostentatious curtains adorned the hallways, Fancy Macs kept out of the range. But I was yet to see if it passes my litmus test: Gorgeous restrooms. I have a theory – If a person has spent on a place , it shows; via its gorgeous restrooms. And believe me, they had the hugest mirrors and even sofa-sets! in those places, with teeming junta  ready with their smartphones clicking and uploading pics on FB ! In a washroom! YES!

The leg space in those seats was probably better than the business class in Emirates. And all this for a mere 120 bucks! I think I am already picturing in my head how I would tell my grand kids – how a movie for 2 would cost less than 500! Off course that includes popcorn! Well about the popcorn – I don’t think there is anything really fantastic about the popcorn but the masala  that comes with it – Woah ! I was this close to stealing that masala for my future movie escapades! I am not a huge fan of caramel but those who are must try their caramel popcorn.

Having had the complete movie experience and since the movie left little impact for us to try to review it. We settled on the easiest thing to do – eating more. Now, there are 3 eateries which I was told as the must eat places in Chennai – 1.  Meal at Sarvana Bhavan 2. Pessarattu at I.D. 3. Thai buffet at The Park.  Well, having had the meal from Sarvana some time back, I decided to head to I.D. straight – Well, I wasn’t impressed by their Sambhar or the Chutneys or the service. It’s really one of the most average restaurants there. I could have gone to any other place to have the same quality of food at a cheaper price.

But the place that did not disappoint was the Michael Besse’s  Ecstacy – The place was an absolute delight to step into. The architecture was nothing fancy- but the interiors gave the look of a place which takes its contemporary taste seriously. We had a raspberry liquorice tartlet, There were 5 other orders that I wanted to make – But being in the company of just 2 other people not interested in joining me. I had to be content with ordering just the 1 dessert for myself. The reason for my selection was 2 fold – one was I am used to ordering variants of coffee and chocolate – Tiramsus and likes. Having watched master-chef for the past 1 year, I was intrigued as to how all these berry would taste as desserts. Plus it’s so easy to crack a chocolate dessert – So, you really don’t realize the skills of the baker by tasting chocolates desserts.

And I must say, I was fairly impressed. This guy, knows balance, taste, presentation all 3 characteristics of a great dish very well. It more than made by up my day.

Now, was the time to don on – fun hats to be the part of the IPL craze. I am a huge sucker for fun, not cricket in particular, This was the 2nd match that I was seeing in a stadium, live or otherwise. The 1st one being at Lord’s ( Great Debut’s Huh!). And to see Dhoni train. Aww ! My resolve to be as fit as him became firmer. And what an exciting match – with RCB loosing after celebrating it’s win.

The night at Hyatt was the most beautiful, most serene and one of the bests in my living memory. Felt like the highest vantage point in whole of the Chennai, and the view from that window at night is etched in my brain as – Okay, Now I see the point in earning money.

With that, we thought our culinary journey has come to an end. Our last meal was surprisingly a good one, despite the ratings on Zomato – We had the Chinese stir fried pot noodles at the Hyatt Chinese Restaurant.


And, now we were just 2 weary travelers checking out of hotel and reminiscing the high points of the trip. As soon as we reached the lift, there was Stephen Flemming with the whole CSK firangi gang. Talking to them about last night’s match was something I left to Rahul, while I just gawked!

Now, Do I call this trip as the gold standard against which all future trips would be measured?  I think time will tell !


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