I traveled for Food (Part 1)

Draft from 19th April

I ran for 1.8 km in 15 mins

The flab speaks for itself- for the love of food that is.

This line comes to my head – My love for food exceeds my hate for snide remarks about it’s effects.

Well, I don’t exactly fit in that category.

I have never had snide remarks of people to worry about, but what about my own self talk ?

It has always hated the tighter jeans, increased drowsiness that comes with extra kilos. So what would I say to the idea of travelling just for food?

For once, I decided to pack my self critic in the same bag as my baggy jeans and decided to head to the heaven for French Desserts.

And to everyone’s surprise I planned Chennai trip along with Pondicherry.  What’s there in Chennai was everyone’s question.

Well, to be honest, being in Bangalore I had just forgotten what an authentic Sambhar tastes like and in the name of dessert “Death by Chocolate” gets passed around. Other than all this, I had several other to-do’s – Experience the sunrise in Pondicherry, Eat at Baker’s street ( Which apart from being is at walking distance from the beach, also opens at 7 and is by far the best french bakery that town has to offer) , Experience world-class cinema at Escape ( My office folks would just not stop raving about it), Watch Dhoni beat Bangalore in CSK’s home ground( How I swoon at the sight of him!) and to top it all stay in Hyatt ( I can’t stay away from my love of 5 stars for too long) .

The morning in Pondicherry was nondescript with every rue in Pondicheery being a better alternative to the sea side. Tons of people all taking their morning walk, had they been fewer in number, they would have had a slight chance of making me jealous.

So, after catching the morning coffee there, we headed for the much-anticipated trip to Baker’s street.

I loved the clean roads and beautiful houses( Particularly the doors) and in one odd case a graffiti that I saw while making my way upto the Bakery.


Baker’s street is a heaven for all those whose tooth is on the sweeter side. Hot croissants, Soft Quiche, Delectable Tarts – It had all of it under one roof.


The trip to Chennai was fairly uneventful until the driver started playing a Tamil movie about Siamese twins – And the trouble begins with them hitting puberty, now romancing became a real problem for one of the twins. So they(read directors and writers) beat the shit out of one twin so they could be separated and thus begin the romance again. What an assault on sensibilities was that movie! And I was told Tamil cinema is actually far ahead of Bollywood! LoL!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. desh (@desh) says:

    Bangalore’s sambhar is its sambhar, you can’t say it is not authentic! And Bangalore has brilliant food options, covers Tamilian, Andhra, Mallu, Manglorean, Davangare and North Karnataka all styles

    1. snrao says:

      Point taken! Having tasted a particular variant of sambhar all my life – my definition of authentic was based on it’s variation from my mum’s recipe! Well, for other cuisines- You cannot trust the Bangalorean restaurants to give you a taste of Andhra food, it’s less hotter, less spicier and slightly on the sweeter side; More like a Gujarati twist on the Andhra Cuisine. And the other ones, Being a vegetarian – I hardly got to taste the much talked about Manglorean food! 😦

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