Whatever you are, be a good one !

I ran for 1.5 kms in 10 mins

Today was a very emotional day for me.

As I prepare to leave Bangalore, the firsts of the last series has begun.

Today I parted with my dear Ramalaxmi aunty.

She was working in my second home for the past 2 years.

The love she brought to the simple job of house- cleaning is comparable to the way Picasso painted.

And every now and then, she brought food from her own house, as I missed the traditional Polihara and Daddojanam cooked by my mum.

And all such sweetness, despite facing such hardships at home. She supported her grandson to continue his studies, when his own parents wanted him to work.

There was no way I could repay her what she meant to me, the green sari which I got for her today was more for myself than for her. Any green saari would keep reminding me her presence wherever I go.

And with that would come the greatest realisation ” Be the best in whatever you are” !


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