So, you think you can choose?


I ran for 2.1 km for 15 min

Now, There was this course which I had taken on Coursera called Irrational Behavior – Dan Airley – He is the world authority on behavioral economics. Fascinating 1st week of lectures. It’s these inter-disciplinary courses that really attract me. Rather than reading psychology, economics – Why no take a course which is on the intersection of these two.

Well, the basic theory of Airley is that “The decisions we make are primarily a function of the complex choice architecture.”

Now this choice architecture basically comprises of

1. Environment

2. Default

3. Complexity

Now, according to him – a man makes a choice for the 1st time depending on the environment (cultural norms and physicl location) he is in and the state of mind he is in. That first choice becomes an anchor for him to keep repeating that choice over a period of time. Most of the times we do not realise how important are the default choices given to us, whenever we face certain complex decisions – we do nothing! And that nothing tends to be that default option – which gets selected automatically.

Case examples are highly recommended. For lovers of Psychology.. Do enroll.


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