Vellvette Box

I ran for

I just received my Vellvette box !!!

For all those who haven’t heard of it – It’s an awesome self gift for make-up aficionados. So you go on the site – Fill up a questionnarie and on the basis of your beauty quotient – you receive a surprise box – put together just for you !

I had been working for an e-commerce project and was researching on similar models like Glossybox and Birchbox in US and UK. From the look of them – they looked really exquisite; hence my excitement.

Now, compared to them Velvette box on the outside was a bit let down – If anything they should part away with the gaudy golden ribbon asap. A Luxury e-commerce should spend as much time packaging as in selecting products.


But not judging a book by it’s cover I moved ahead.  So the contents of my box were –

An Anna Andre Lipstick (My first), well it was a gorgeous colour ; but how would it look on me remains to be seen.

The second product was a Clinque cleanser – I think should have marked myself for an ardent makeup user – and I would have ended up with Dior’s nude foundation. {sad}

Well. I think one product they have sent to everyone is – Belgian chocolate scrub by Nyassa – well a brand whose name I have never heard – But as the name goes; it is a discovery subscription model – So let  the discovery process begin…

Now coming to the comparison part again ; A typical glossybox costs around $30 and a typical estimate of it’s worth is $90. Well, the cost of Full Price Items of my Vellvette Box is 2400/- . Now as all the products were not full size – particularly the 2 highest value items were quite small ; hence the price of my Vellvette box should be somewhere around 1400/- . Both send you approximately 3x times the value you pay for the pack.

So, not a bad deal I must say !!


I think going forward the learning for me is – In the questionnaire I would try changing options to try out different products. Hopefully they have the feature of letting you change the options every time !

Looking forward for the next box !


3 Comments Add yours

  1. blogyear says:

    i hate the lipstick..i got that in my last box

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    This box looks AMAZING!

    – KW

  3. snrao says:

    Used it yesterday ..Wasn’t so bad actually ! You hated the color or the type?

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