Happy Birthday to Me ..!

I ran for 2 km in 17:10 min

Sad..Sad beggining of new year..

Just when I thought I have a full proof setup of not missing a gym a single day.. I got unwell..for 10 full days..

In these 10 days of bedrest..so many topics came to my head..so many things I wanted to write about..from Australian Open to the great learning’s I have had..to some of the friends I reconnected with on my 24th Birthday.. and yes..how turning 24 has made me so much gloomy..

Okay, let’s begin with that..

The day before the birthday was a fairly non-decrepit one ..until came evening..when I was told..my friend was offered a poistion in UK and he would be moving soon. Well, the entire journey back home in the evening ..was a journey ..I can’t forget.. I considered myself a fairly independent women ..till then..The knowledge that closest people would be moving away from me..made me realize there is a long path to be covered..if I were to continue calling myself independent..Such self realizations at the eve of turning 24 are not nice..The next day..on the day of my birthday..I stayed sulky the whole time..cribbing about nonsense things..being cynical at random things.until another dear friend of mine gave me a beautiful book..in which was her ..hand written note..

2013-01-22 18.25.35

which said ” Growing old is mandatory ..but growing up is optional” 

A beautiful quote and couldn’t be more opportune to find such a note..

So I made my peace with my growing old..and started to take baby steps in direction of growing up..


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  1. well! with some 300 days of this year still left,it may be worthwhile to make them count.becoming conscious of your dream and making a daily analysis will not only keep you focused but would also ensure that you would be better off.


    this would accelerate your growing up process.

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