Wishlists – Places to travel

So for the purpose of the list – Let’s restrict this to top 4 !

1. Bora Bora : The swimmer in me can’t wait any more to dive in the transparent seas and visit one of the most exotic lands in the world. Earning enough money to splurge on that trip is the every-day to-do !

Bora Bora, Capanne

2. Mohenjo daro : The trip from Mehergarh to Mohenjo Daro to Lothal – tracing my way on the path the earliest civilization once walked could only be spine chilling. The highs of seeing the well-planned roads – the sense of imagining the Great Bath full of water..The next stop in my travel list. And seems like it’s not a bad time to visit Pakistan!

3. Egypt : The kind of archaeological activity that has happened in Egypt in the last century is not funny – which makes me believe that there are still many facets unexplored in the land of Ra. It’s my gut feeling that most of the ancient civilizations had a more in common – that it looks on the surface . Well, The chances of someone discovering another Rosetta stone maybe??

4. Nordic Countries : It’s surprising how little get’s talked about them despite their regular mention in world’s happiest countries lists. Some say, secret to happiness lies within..Some say discovering places is discovering yourself..Win -Win huh?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pavithra Kodmad says:

    OMG! Bora Bora is first on my list too! Infact I had made a full research of it for my honeymoon. Too damn expensive man!

  2. snrao says:

    Same pinch….It’s a perfect honeymoon destination..Isn’t it?

    Best things shouldn’t come with a small price tag..

    Btw how is that a concern for someone who holds shares of her company ? 🙂

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