Unfaithfully Yours

There’s blood on my hand..Fresh human blood..

Could I believe what I just did?

The gory details on the hospital walls didn’t help either to calm my racing nerves

Why was I feeling guilty?

Wasn’t I sure of this Up until now?

And it was not as if that he/she/it was a live person.

Enough..Enough with the self incrimination..

I remember the time when C had found out..The gravity of the “situation” had united them in some strange way..I had always loved her to the core …or so I liked to believe..

But her face always reminded me the insufficiency of it..

When she had told me about the “situation”..I was tormented to see the resignation in her eyes..Which only meant she knew my answer?

The doctors had come out..I had to go in now.With a haste I got up..But immediately slowed down.I can’t face her..

How can I??

Few deep breaths..And I went in..

Her face was devoid of all colours.

Her eyes softly closed as if trying to shut off the past..

And that was when my headless heart and heartless head realised what have I done..

What have I lost!


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