Mighty desert

What hope did the leaf have in the mighty desert?

Its origin was one of the miracles…

Seed erupting from the ground,

Breaking all the shackles.

The green that compared and contrasted to yellow

But never fitting in

The only giver amongst the ruthless takers..

Survival of the fittest or

Survival of the filthiest

Evolution is to be blamed

For the creativity it tamed

Struggled without water

Struggled without companions

Those who saw flinched but retreated

The might of almighty was undefeated

And the day came when

Without any adieu,

It had to stoop to the level it knew

The first fall,

Took it all,

As the early existence gradually ended,

With the colour yellow it perfectly blended!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello, Is that you Sneha? My suspicions were right. You are bright… a little too bright … for the pretentious ‘right’….

    1. innannna says:

      Lucky you have the sight ! 🙂

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