Who do I blame?

“They” made peace,

I made peace with it.

“They” made matrimony holy,

Letting them do so was adultery.

“They” made love sound so mellow,

My risque heart could only bellow.

“They” became the guardians of morality,

I intruded with aides of my own.

“They” chose amiable mates,

Mine had onerous fates.

“They” justified their laws with “more” laws,

I sinned and “bought” my way.

“They” question the conduct of you and me,

I seek what they fail to see !

“They” complicate whats beyond comprehension

I soil my soul in those dark depths!

“They” decree me those depths forever..

A welcome riddance, they think

A welcome riddance, I think


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello Honesty, You excel in Existentialism. The depths now, shall later be the heights… for, the times they are achanging…

    1. innannna says:

      Your words always fill me pride! And as far as existentialism is concerned, I need few more after writing club meetups to truly understand the depth of that word!

  2. Heavenbound says:

    Very thought provoking for me personally , infact i could connect with every blog……especially the meloncholic undertones , i am already empathising with my past ….:)……..the concluding lines are ‘killer’ and leave u ….with something… wanting more of it …u r as gud a writer as i thought u d be…….wud be avidly waiting for ur next …….

    1. innannna says:

      Thanks for such Praises.. Ankit..
      Rekindled my motivation to write more !!

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