Mute Spectator

“Uncle, did you always wanted to be a watchmen while you were growing up ?”

She chirped as she entered the club.


Only a child’s mind could have the temerity to ask such a question?

He cleared his throat to answer but the fear of cluttering her head with vagiaries of life seemed futile not to mention evil !

Satisfaction is never a job’s job !- he knew!

But who was the genius who thought of a job that requires you to do nothing- absolutely nothing at all!

The 1st watchmen on earth must have been a genius to have conceptualized of such a job.

But what about the 2nd watchmen..How could he convince the 1st watchman to hire him as his aide.

“I have been a procrastinator all my life..I will be really good at this “

Ahh.. the musings of an idle mind..

Going by the standards of people frequenting the place-wasn’ t his job quite a bliss

“God knows I have worked enuf to earn this “they sayTheir luxury is his job.-Is he actually better of than them?

He could never hold that thought for long !

He remembered the time when his dad was alive-working in the same place as he is

There would always be a hurried way in which he went about his usual chores – as if to make up for the lack of accomplishment in his life !!

And when his father dies it never remained a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ was he going to take his dad’s place.

There wasn’t a single day when he would ponder endlessly over the enormous of what he could have done with his life otherwise..

Were others in the same predicament as he was..Were they as clueless as choiceless ?

Does being high and mighty mean having less choices or more ?

And where did that leave him ?

“Aren’t, all of us mere watchmen”- he replied finally !


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