It has to be you

That I remember when I first hear rains

The earthly smell sure I missed

But the dripping thuds on concrete made up for it

The grind of fellow men unaffected by it

The chuckle of children who were accidently a part of it

The sudden burst of activities in bazaar

The unfurling of sheets over collectibles

The relieving of simple days

Where window sill and tea were

Remainder of all is not lost

The fingers forcing a droplet to

Follow their path

Without success…

The “you” lost in sea of black umbrellas

And in the eyes of those dreamy millions

Where there is empathy for all

And time for none


The rain washed streets

Romance in the air

Which disgusted few?

But pleased many !

Thousands thronging the buses and trains

Bringing a piece of earth with them

Which pleased none and

Disgusted everyone !

And the sea soaking it all with equanimity

With neither pleasure nor disgust!

And this one was dedicated to my first love- “Mumbai”!


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